2012 saw me very busy with the Eco Solar Home Tour. That limited the activities I could do on my own house. Only two projects this year. The first was an electricity monitoring system. The second project was to continue to move to LED lighting in our house. I found some excellent LEDs to put in this year.

One of the houses on the Eco Solar Home Tour had an electrical monitoring system by Check-it. The system has little coils that you put on each circuit you want to measure and then transmits the power readings to the internet where they are shown on a secure web site. In this picture I have installed three monitoring units in a niche in the wall to read the circuits in the two breaker panels on the right.
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I am working on transforming all of our lighting to LED lights. 18 years ago when we moved into this house we changed to all compact flourescents and they are reaching the end of their life. Now I am moving to LED lights. The light in the picture has 128 small LEDs on the circuit board and is a dome light in a basement room. I also found a new light bulb that is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb but only draws 10 watts.
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Finally I spent some time this year updating my graphs that chart our energy usage. I went back and entered the yearly energy data right back to 1995 (we moved into the house in August of 1994). That let me see the long term trends of our bills a little better. I thought we were doing OK on our overall bills but the fees have been rising faster than we can implement energy or water savings.
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