Just a couple of items in 2011. The big winter project was to make the top dormer solar panels tilt. This is so that they shed snow in the winter and shade the dormer windows in the summer.

The next task was to remove one more tree to prevent shading of the solar panels.

Finally I finished Lucy's dog house. It was really a fun project and helps keep the house warm while letting Lucy go outside when she wants.

In order to tilt the upper solar panels I had to design a tilting mechanism. Here the panels are tilted out to shade the dormer windows.

Here they are tilted in vertically for the winter to shed snow. They are manually moved from one position to the other.
More on the electrical page.

We removed three trees to provide more sun for the new solar panels. Two came out in 2010 and one more came out in 2011. Here you can see the shading on the solar panels on 31 December 2011. More on the landscaping page.

Although I started Lucy's house in 2009 I didn't get it done until the summer of 2011. Here she is with her completed house. This is actually an important draftstopping project that helps prevent heat loss through the dog flaps. More on the insulation page including video.

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