Wow! Solar panels! I never thought we would get solar panels so soon. The City came up with a program that was just the right thing at the right time and we jumped at the chance. We now have 7 solar panels connected to the grid. Those 1540 watts of electricity are a bit more interesting than the 60 watts I had running a battery and landscape lights. Some interesting pictures in the electrical page. But we also did a bit of landscape irrigation and had our hot water tank give up the ghost. See below for the details.

There they are. 1540 watts of grid tied electricty. All part of a program that gave a rebate of $3 a watt for grid tied solar. The trick was that everything had to be connected and working by December 31st 2010. We made it; but only just. More on the electrical page.

In the summer we added some more irrigation lines to the front. Now we have little drippers like this on most of the plants out front. See more on the landscaping page.

The water tank we had rusted through in less than 4 years. The whole problem of how to heat your water once you put in geothermal heat was not something we anticipated. We didn't do that well. This is now the third and final try. More on the water heat page.

This one I am not going to go into just yet. This is Lucy's doghouse. You can see the beginnings of this on the insulation page but I'm not finished yet. In the spring I hope to get this little house finished. You can see some of the finishing work in this picture but there is more to come. More pictures then!

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