Although we didn't do any construction in 2008 we did achieve a significant milestone. In June of this year we had our gas meter disconnected! When you go to geothermal heat you start heating your house with electricity and your gas use goes to pretty near nothing. We just had to wait until will changed out our last two gas appliances to get rid of the gas. By June we had installed a new stove and washer/dryer. The washer/dryer combo is a low water use front load washer and electric dryer.

Once those appliances were in we could disconnect the gas. The gas company was very cheerful about the removal and did not charge for the service call. My energy service provider took a bit of pursuading but in a month or so the gas bills (and service charges!) went away. Those last gas service charges were running about $35/month.

In late June we were one of the houses on the Edmonton EcoSolar tour. This tour is organized by local volunteers to show people that they can really do something about their energy use. We had over 310 people through on that day. I'd show you a picture but we were so busy I never got the chance to get the camera out!

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