The finished deckThis is the year we rebuilt the deck. The old deck was starting to rot and was too small for our needs. Now that the rest of the house was up to snuff the deck was our next major project. Once again I took off Fridays through the summer to get the work done. Then it was time to purchase a new set of power tools (Yes!) and get to work. We took the old deck out on Canada Day and had it complete before the end of September. I still have a couple of railings and a gate to build but it's pretty much done. Here are the pictures...

We added a bench to the front garden. Go to the landscaping page to see pictures of the front garden now that it's had a chance to grow. It's looking really nice.

And more trouble with the water heater. This project just doesn't want to be finished. The new tank that I installed developed a leak. When I opened up the access panel to look I found that one of the nipples on the tank casting had been broken. I can't tell whether this nipple was broken at the factory or by the installers. At any rate it was badly repaired. I've fixed it with high temp epoxy and it seems to be holding for now. Now I don't trust this tank. What to do next?

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