Drilling in the front yard.Hi there. I'm Andrew and this is a web site to show everyone "what I did on my summer vacation." Actually I took off every Friday in June, July and August of 2005 to complete this project plus a week in June to get things started. It was great fun.

Essentially we did a midlife refit on our house. We had moved in 11 years ago and there had always been a few major things that needed fixing. With the enthusiastic cooperation of our banker we set out to upgrade our house for the next 20 years.

Our little house was built as a bungalow in 1949 and has been substantially upgraded over the years. When we bought it there was already a completely finished basement and a beautiful loft that brought the total living area up to about 1400 ft2 (includes basement space). We love the house, but it had some mechanical defficiencies that needed to be fixed.

First of all the furnace and hot water heater were very much at the end of their lives. The hot water heater was 20 years old and the furnace was likely 40 years old. On top of this there was no insulation in the main floor walls (though the loft and basement had been insulated) and there was no ventillation in the roof. The house also had only a 70 amp electrical service which is difficult to insure these days (100 amps is the minimum that insurers want to see).

So this is our adventure into upgrading our house to include geothermal heat, a new water heater, a new roof, and the associated other repairs that went along with those upgrades such as new electrical service, upgraded insulation, drywall and paint, and landscaping.

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